Welcome to Pecka!

Pecka is a village of the past and of the future

The gentle hilly landscape is reminiscent of some of the world’s most beautiful rural areas, not unlike Tuscany. This is where the river Sana rises, and the Pecka climbing area towers over it. History and tradition go back 2000 years here, and today that heritage is combined with convivial hospitality, animal husbandry and agriculture. Every household has its own orchard, where ‘Savka’ plums are often harvested and made into famous brandy, so don’t be surprised to stop for wine, coffee and conversation here in homes where local products and handicrafts are usually available. The village is home to a 19th-century church, and Pecka also has many marked paths and roads leading to stunning viewpoints.
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Outdoor resort Pecka

Outdoor recreation

Outdoor resort Pecka nalazi se 3 km od Baraća i magistralnog puta Mrkonjić Grad - Glamoč.

The settlement comprises 11 mobile homes adjacent to the Pecka climbing area, the Sana Hot Springs, Ćojderova Glavica Hill, and the gentle slopes of Ovčara mountain.

Mobile homes come in various sizes, accommodating couples, families with children, groups of friends and much more. Each house has a bathroom, kitchen and necessary dishes, towels, additional blankets, pillows and the rest, and all have large terraces with gorgeous views.
The mobile homes are tucked away in serenity, surrounded by orchards and the magic of old forest fruits, embellished by rich horticulture and an undeniable sense of peace. The views of the village are undisturbed, and guests feel a beautiful homely atmosphere from the moment they arrive. Vacation mode most definitely on.
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Kuće za odmor


Outdoor activities


600 kilometres of cycling routes.


Over 120 natural
rock-climbing routes.

Children’s playgrounds

Two playgrounds for children, courts for
volleyball and mini football


Open-air amphitheater for 80 people.

Cycling pump track

Circular cycle path.


200 km of hiking trails on
mountains 2000 metres above sea level.


Peca outdoor festival,
Pecka Rock Climbing Festival


Hike along marked paths to the most beautiful viewpoints of the village and beyond.

Climbing - bouldering

Boulder for outdoor climbing.


An exciting hike through the Korane canyon, 3 km long.


About 1800 identified mushroom species. Mushrooming schools and exhibitions.


Bird observation and study.


Traditional local dishes and drinks make our offer delicious. The list is endless but highlighted by fish such as brook trout and grayling, traditional specialities like pita, uštipci, sarma and others, tender meat barbecued or prepared on a spit, stews, soups, cheese, dairy products, forest mushrooms, vegetables lovingly produced in the garden and much, much more.
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green path

Via Dinarica

The village of Pecka is located on the green Via Dinarica trail.
Via Dinarica is a mega hiking trail stretching from Albania to Slovenia - mostly diagonally from southeast to northwest. Via Dinarica encompasses the most extensive karst area on the planet, where tectonic plates created a giant limestone ridge that stretches over 1,000 km through the heart of the Western Balkans.
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Protected areas

There are several protected areas in the immediate vicinity:

• Vrela Sane (spring of the river Sana)
• Ledana cave
• Janj rainforest
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Pecka Outdoor Resort is located in Dinardica, a destination for those who strive for personal development and positive change and those in search of something new to achieve balance in life.

Dinardika is a network of local entrepreneurs who have come together with a shared vision to ensure your outdoor stay is enriching, safe and unforgettable. The fruits, vegetables and other food offered are prepared from locally sourced ingredients, another element to this fabulous (and delicious) offer.
The fruits, vegetables and other food offered are prepared from locally sourced ingredients.